Gosport Citizens Advice Bureau is a company limited by guarantee, Registered in England number 5971208,  Registered Office: Martin Snape House, 96 Pavilion Way, Gosport, Hampshire

PO12 1GE. Registered Charity Number 1116994 Telephone Contact : 02392-520-112

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Macmillan Cancer Support funds a caseworker to assist clients and their families affected by cancer.  Valuable advice is given on practical matters such as employment, benefits, debt etc.  Helping to remove worries on such matters enables clients to concentrate on their medical treatment.  Contact the service on 0344-847-7727

Hate Crime - If you've ever been abused, assaulted, targeted or intimidated because of who you are, you may have been the victim of a hate crime or hate incident.

Hate crimes are motivated by hostility, prejudice or hatred towards someone's actual or perceived:

  •         race
  •         religion
  •         gender
  •         sexual orientation
  •         disability

You don't have to be a member of any of these groups to be the victim of a hate crime. Sometimes the offender may target you by mistake, believing you belong to a certain group, even if you don’t. This is still a hate incident and should be reported. Drop into Gosport Citizens Advice for assistance

Pension wise is a Government sponsored service to help people approaching retirement with a defined contribution pension plan to understand their options.  We can refer you to local Citizens Advice specialists for face-to-face guidance.

Money Advice Matters - This service funded by Gosport Borough Council, provides specialised money advice for people with debt that could affect their ability to remain in their homes.  We help identify the root causes of a client's problems, assist with immediate solutions and provide options to help prevent the situation happening again.

We aim to help people to manage their finances more effectively and take control before they reach crisis point.  

Specialised Services